Hungry Toad Farm Visit

Chef recently took us out to visit Michael at Hungry Toad Farms. We were able to see all the overflowing greenhouses and look inside hoop houses planted full including baskets hanging from the rafters! Michael, being a generally happy guy, smiled and joked as he explained the impact of all this rain.

We know our customers are educated eaters who support local farmers so, we just wanted to let you know that Michael and Hungry Toad Farms and Mile Creek Farm have returned to the 2nd Street Market for the season. All our local farmers need everyone’s support more than ever this year.

We don’t often think about all the hard work behind every delicious bite of local organic produce but, this year we should make and effort to show how grateful we really are! At the Chef Case, our favorite time of year is when farmers start appearing at the market with local produce. As one thing or another comes into season, they spark some new idea at The Chef Case and in your homes. Local farmers need everyone’s support to make sure the come back year after year!

We will keep you informed as more farms return. See you at the Market!

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